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Essential Disinfection Supplies for Spring

Officially, spring doesn’t arrive until Saturday, March 20. However, if the return of pleasantly warm temperatures and spring training is any indication, the season has already sprung for Valley residents.

Spring is the time of year when the trees bud, flowers bloom, and everyone begins anew by deep cleaning their homes. There’s something incredibly peaceful about using EPA-registered disinfection supplies to promote a healthy indoor living environment.

The CDC recommends cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces daily. You should always clean – removing visible debris, dirt, and dust – and then disinfect. The latter kills infectious agents, such as bacteria and viruses, preventing illness.

Ideally, it would be best if you used disinfection supplies on the EPA’s List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19). One such product that is proven to effectively “kill the coronavirus when used according to label directions” is Decon7.

Decon7 (D7)

Decon7 (D7) is specially formulated to soften the cell walls, allowing the hydrogen peroxide to penetrate and eliminate pathogenic bacteria when used according to directions. D7 has been scientifically proven to kill a minimum of 99.9999 percent of bacteria in biofilm without abrasives or volatile organic compounds. That makes it safe for residential use. Decon7 is available in several volumes, and its application requires the use of a cold fogging machine, like the Medd Max or VectorFog.

Cold Fogging Machines

There are several cold fogging options for applying D7 to hard, non-porous surfaces where the virus may live for days without frequent, daily disinfection. For residences, an excellent portable choice is the VectorFog DC20 ULV Battery Fogger, which features a two-liter tank and an adjustable nozzle that produces droplet sizes between five and 50 microns. Fogging enables the disinfectant to contact the air and hard-to-reach places and should be used in combination with surface disinfection, following the CDC’s guidelines.

Order Disinfection Supplies to Spring Clean Your Home

TACT Clean offers Decon7 (D7) to effectively kill germs on non-porous surfaces when used according to manufacturer directions. You should frequently apply D7 to promote a safe indoor environment for your staff, customers, and family.

D7 is a powerful, EPA-registered multiuse disinfectant that is practical for various public and private facilities and residences. It can be applied in medical facilities, office buildings, industrial spaces, food production plants, restaurants, entertainment venues, school classrooms, and common areas.

Please contact us at (480) 335-6393 for pricing and purchasing information about our disinfection supplies and equipment to continuously promote a healthy and safe indoor living and working environment.


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