Covid-19 Mitigation Plans

Business and Organization  Mitigation Activity Strategies

covid-19 mitigationBusiness and organization mitigation activities are actions that people and their community can take to help slow the extension of a new virus that could potentially be a pandemic — current situations involving the infectious disease of COVID-19 that was rooted by a new coronavirus. When vaccines or therapeutic drugs are not readily available during an epidemic, community mitigation actions become especially important.

The risk of spreading within a business or organization is not easily determined and can be difficult for experts. Since COVID-19 is a highly transmissible virus, it can be transferred by those who are unaware of if they have the disease or not. Businesses should widely assume that community transmission is occurring until large-scale testing is implemented or if a definite measure of disease burden that arises from the virus is known.

It is paramount that the public's health is protected as communities work to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The goal of community and business mitigation is to slow transmission of the virus and further protect all individuals who are affected by the impacts of the virus. In societal sectors such as workplaces, healthcare organizations, and schools, it is crucial to implement strategies to minimize any adverse effects.

What can I do to help with Community Mitigation?

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Decon7 | Products & Services

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