About Decon7 (D7)

Decon7 (D7)D7 Disinfectant is derived from aqueous-based decontamination technology that can rapidly neutralize highly toxic chemical and biological materials. It is a hydrogen peroxide-based formulation that also contains surfactants (i.e., soaps), mild solvents, inorganic salts, and water. D7 is EPA registered and is on the EPA N list to kill Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Decon-7 is rated at a log 6 kill rate by the EPA 99.9999 and log 7 by other agencies i.e. universities 99.99999. (These are the highest disinfectant ratings given by any agency).

D7 tackles the toughest contamination challenges, battling pathogens clear down to the cellular level, destroying DNA traces and preventing future growth.

The EPA has approved D7 in all 50 states for uses in; Hospitals, EMS and fire facilities, emergency vehicles, ambulances and equipment/surfaces, police cars and fire trucks, food establishments, crime scenes, police stations, correctional facilities, municipal government buildings, homes, kitchens, schools, playgrounds, hotels and many more.

Decon7 Origins

Originally developed to counter biochemical threats to national security. D7 is a powerful, patented chemical broad-spectrum disinfectant, sanitizer, bactericidal, and cleaning solution. It delivers complete inactivation of (but not limited to) staphylococcus aureus (atcc 6538), salmonella enterica (atcc 10708), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (atcc 15442). D7 today is EPA registered and included on the EPA N list for Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Decon7 chemically cleaves the spore or viral wall then neutralizes the mycotoxin (virus) inside. It also changes the osmotic pressure around the cell, which causes an imbalance in the internal cellular pressure resulting in the total collapse of the cellular membrane.

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