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Featured Disinfection Products: Cold Foggers

Effective disinfection of facilities requires the right disinfection products. Decon Seven, an EPA-registered multiuse disinfectant, has a 99.9999% log kill when fogged into facilities and onto surfaces.

One of the best pieces of equipment you will need to apply this disinfectant is a cold fogger. While there are several additional products you may want to consider, here is information about our available cold foggers.

Vectorfog C150 ULV Cold Fogger

Vectorfog’s flagship, ultra-low volume (ULV) cold fogger, the C150 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. A large, five-liter tank eliminates the need to continuously refill the machine, effectively allowing you to apply disinfection products throughout a large facility. An adjustable valve will enable you to choose a droplet size between five and 50 microns, allowing it to be used to apply various chemicals, including Decon Seven. The equipment’s powerful 1250-Watt Samsung motor will provide you with years of continued performance and durability.


Vectorfog DC20+ ULV Battery Fogger

Using the latest in battery technology, the DC20+ ULV fogger has been specially designed to produce up to 45 minutes of continuous fogging time, with only 2.5 of charge time. Features include a two-liter tank, advanced 12-volt LG DC motor, one-speed control, and an adjustable nozzle producing droplet sizes between five to microns. The fogger’s more compact design makes it ideal for disinfecting smaller spaces, including residential properties. It can also be used to disinfect food preparation areas, car valets, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.


Medd Max Portable ULC Cold Fogger Machine

The Medd Max is designed to be both lightweight and portable, so you can efficiently move around, disinfecting large areas. Featuring a powerful 240W motor, this machine breaks up the solution into tiny nanoparticles, dispersing them with one of three interchangeable nozzles. The adjustable droplet size is between ten and 80 microns. It not only provides maximum coverage but reduces the need to wipe surfaces by eliminating residue. You should, of course, always clean surfaces before applying disinfection products to ensure efficacy.


Order Disinfection Products Today

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, TACT Clean offers Decon Seven (D7) disinfection solutions and equipment designed to effectively kill germs on non-porous surfaces when used according to manufacturer directions. You should frequently apply D7 to promote a safe indoor environment for your staff, customers, and family.

D7 is a powerful, EPA-registered multiuse disinfectant that is practical for various public and private facilities and residences. It can be applied in medical facilities, office buildings, industrial spaces, food production plants, restaurants, entertainment venues, school classrooms, and common areas.

Please contact us at (480) 335-6393 for pricing and purchasing information about our disinfection products to promote a healthy and safe indoor living and working environment.

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