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Get Ready for Fall with Disinfection Products

The autumnal equinox is almost here. That means the return of not only your favorite fall activities and comfort food dishes but also Flu (Influenza) season. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu activity begins in October and peaks during the winter months, when temperatures in the valley are much cooler.

In 2020, the continuation of safe practices – frequently washing your hands, using disinfection products, wearing a face mask, and maintaining a six-feet distance from others – is essential. Doing these things can help protect you from getting sick.

If you are looking for effective disinfection products for your home or office, TACT Clean has an EPA-registered solution that will kill 99.999 percent of germs. We provide Decon Seven and all the equipment you will need to disinfect your residence or facility. Available supplies include carts, foggers, compressors, and mixing stations.

About Decon Seven

Decon Seven is derived from aqueous-based decontamination technology that can rapidly neutralize highly toxic chemical and biological materials. It is a hydrogen peroxide-based formulation containing surfactants, mild solvents, inorganic salts, and water.

D7 is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and on the EPA List N to kill COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2). It is rated at a log six kill rate by the EPA and log seven by other agencies (i.e., universities) with 99.9999 percent efficiency.

Decon Seven tackles the toughest contamination challenges, battling pathogens clear down to the cellular level, destroying DNA traces, and preventing future growth. It is available in various units of volume ranging from four to 520-gallons.

Also offered are supply foggers, air compressors, and electric mixing systems. Disinfection carts are available as well and ideal for large facilities. Please contact us at (480) 335-6393 for more information.

Order Your Disinfection Products Today

To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, TACT Clean offers Decon Seven disinfection solutions and equipment. These products, when used according to disinfection directions, can kill germs on non-porous surfaces. Decon Seven should be applied frequently to ensure a safe environment for your staff, customers, and family.

Decon Seven is a powerful EPA-registered multiuse disinfectant that is practical for many public and private facilities. It can be applied in residential homes, medical facilities, office buildings, industrial spaces, food production plants and restaurants, and school classrooms and common areas.

Please contact us at (480) 335-6393 for pricing and to purchase disinfection products to promote a healthy and safe environment.

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