Professional Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Disinfection Cleaning ServiceTact Clean understands that providing a clean, comfortable, germ-free environment is now more essential than ever.  Our professional commercial cleaning services will help disinfect commercial properties including offices, schools, banks, health care facilities, food processing plants, warehouses and more. Our commercial cleaning services focuses on disinfecting hard surfaces and electronics in work spaces, bathrooms, break rooms, meeting rooms, and other areas that are frequented by employees.

Powerful EPA-Registered Cleaning Solutions

Tact Clean uses an EPA-registered disinfectant, Decon7, which is a powerful decontaminate, disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner, and deodorizer. Decon7 has proved effective in use against norovirus and COVID-19 when used on hard, non-porous surfaces.

If you are in need of commercial cleaning services to help disinfect your work environment, contact Tact Clean today!

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